Alice Mendelowitz: Looking at men and Yogurt Pots

1 Apr-10 Apr 2022
PV 1 Apr 2022, 12-8pm


Coleman Projects is pleased to present a short showcase of new works by Alice Mendelowitz, featuring paintings, sculpture and ceramics. 
Mendelowitz’ practice might be thought of as a diaristic mode of surveillance. Observing what she describes as “the itinerancy of an urban existence” the artist appears focused on what happens in the margins of lived time: moments that catch the attention while in the middle of ordinary tasks and activities. 
Her paintings are comprised of glimpses into the familiar. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact context of her sources in the filtered melee of people, places and objects, pulled in from personal photographs, friends’ selfies, famous paintings and found images. 
The hybrid scenes on canvas collage aspects of the eerily intimate, the crass, the banal, and the decorative. Dimensions of the everyday are rendered through a prism of tilted frames, crops and reflections to portray the disruptive effect that acts of noticing and recollection can have on the shape of any given day.
Physical objects in residence continue this sense of grappling with the collective significance of small things in the wider scheme. A baby buggy as painting stretcher; a yogurt pot; an egg yolk nestling in a ceramic cavity – all point to incidentally strange and poignant facets found between screens and real-world places. 
Building on the work of those before her – descriptions of female experience in the sculptural situations of Cathy Wilkes and Chantal Joffe’s portraits spring to mind – Mendelowitz brings into view the deeper human significance of today’s perfunctory markers.

Alice Mendelowitz lives and works in London. She graduated from Chelsea College of Art, 2011 and 2015 completed a post graduate at Piet Zwart Institute, MA Fine Art, Rotterdam. Solo exhibitions include Works for the vitrine, Pegs, Brussels 2021; Leftover Lemonade, 192b Beijerlandselaan, Rotterdam 2015; Homes and Gardens, Inland Studios, London 2013. Group exhibitions include Form IV, (online),2021; Group Show, M.Goldstein, London 2018; Stuff, Lubomirov/Amgus-Hughes, London 2017; Peach, W139 Amsterdam 2016; Constellation, The Undercroft, Norwich, 2016, and Griffin Art Prize Shortlist Exhibition, Griffin Gallery, London, 2015.


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