Justin Fitzpatrick: Alpha Salad

26 Jan-8 May 2022


Justin Fitzpatrick presents Alpha Salad, his first major solo exhibition in a public gallery, exploring decadence, food and bodily consumption.

Alpha Salad presents a narrative from soil to table, that extends beyond pleasure and the aesthetic and sensory understanding of taste, to highlight the tension between the surreal theatre of food preparation and service, and the biological necessities and risks of eating.

Fitzpatrick considers the bodies created, consumed and at work throughout the food and hospitality industry, and invites us to reconsider their complex, but often overlooked, relations and their implications in our everyday lives.

About the artist:

Justin Fitzpatrick (b.1985 Dublin, Ireland) lives in Montargis, France. His practice explores conceptual metaphors; metaphors that structure our world view and perspective. Recent works have focused on diagrammatic hydraulic imagery, anatomical drawings, sci-fi book covers and Art Nouveau illustration.

His work has been included in exhibitions in the UK and internationally. Recent solo exhibitions include: Omega Salad, Seventeen, London (2020); A Pulsation of the Artery, Foxy Production, New York (2019); URIZEN, Sultana, Paris (2019) and Underworld, KevinSpace, Vienna (2018).


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