Gisela McDaniel: Manhaga Fu'una

27 Jan-26 Feb 2022


Pilar Corrias is pleased to present Gisela McDaniel's solo exhibition Manhaga Fu'una, on view at our Savile Row space. 

The Detroit-based artist’s second show with the gallery features a new body of work. McDaniel created portraits of CHamoru Famaloa’an (women) and non-binary people from US territories in the Pacific, including Guam and American Samoa. 

For each portrait, McDaniel collaborates closely with her subjects, incorporating audio elements and personal objects connected to them. Through these paintings, the artist documents and pays tribute to her subjects’ strength and resilience, while also serving to amplify the realities of marginalised individuals and to enable both individual and collective healing.


Gisela McDaniel

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