Mary Ramsden: The bag of stars

20 Jan-26 Feb 2022


Pilar Corrias is pleased to present The bag of stars, an exhibition of new work by Mary Ramsden, which will be on view at our Eastcastle Street gallery from 20 January until 26 February 2022. 

Ramsden’s new paintings are a dramatic departure from the abstract works she emerged with. Canvases explore the relationship between the human and object, the viewer and painting, external space and internal experience. 

The artist addresses the idea of memory of place. The proxy objects and pseudo-spaces we look at are in no way based on reality and emerge from the artist’s mind. The works transpire from the history of still life painting. Yet these are very much rendered in an abstract language. There is a tension between figurative grounding and abstract nuance.


Mary Ramsden


Mary Ramsden: The bag of stars
Pilar Corrias

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