Precarity Centre : organised by They Are Here

5 Feb-26 Mar 2016


Collective practice They Are Here transform Grand Union into Precarity Centre. This transformation is a framework for an interdisciplinary programme of talks, videos, performance & installation exploring precarity. It is also an experiment in social space, seeding interaction between local precarious groups. Return to the Grand Union website for an evolving list of activity. This will develop from a call-out and invitation to host events at the centre. They Are Here (f.2006) is a collective practice steered by Helen Walker & Harun Morrison. Their work can be seen as a series of context-specific games that explore modes of co-operation and group dynamics. These collaborations emerge from intentional invitations in demarcated sites (for example, a library or public square) or incidental finds (for example, a classified advert in a Russian language newspaper, a discarded birthday video in Latvia), which lead to unexpected encounters and relationships.

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