Alberta Whittle: No Mudder Country Here

17 Jan-1 May 2020


This new commission, No Mudder Country Here, will be displayed as a hand-painted billboard on the side of Junction Works, viewable 24/7 by passers-by. Alberta uses visual, textual and spoken language in her interdisciplinary practice as a way to challenge and interrogate constructed representations of history and society. Alberta’s ongoing research refers to the legacy of colonialism, particularly the Windrush scandal, and the hostile implications of this for migrants in a contemporary political context. Her creative practice is motivated by the desire to work collectively towards radical self-love. Informed by diasporic conversations, Alberta considers radical self-love and collective care key methods in battling anti-blackness. Her practice involves choreographing interactive installations, using film, sculpture and performance as site-specific artworks in public and private spaces.

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