Nicky Hirst

b. 1963, United Kingdom

English sculptor, installation artist, and draftsman, born 1963, Leeds, lived in Kenya.
Lives/works in London.

"Known for her subtle and elegant work employing a variety of media, Nicky Hirst's art is perhaps best described as an exploration of serendipity that can occur in unintended and unexpected places. Her sources may be particular objects or certain words whose meaning she may subtly shift by manipulation or juxtaposition. Hirst's output is multifarious, including drawing, sculpture, etched glass, collage, printed text, photography and public art commissions. While avoiding simple categorisation, Hirst's art is always characterised by a measured stance and sensitivity towards materials."

Penny Sexton, Curator

"The faith she must have had in discovering an image that struck a chord in her, the trust she must have had in letting her intuition guide her to find the pair, to connect with the other, to discover things, to not think about the original context of the image. To not think about the original intent, but to create a new intention, to use that intention, or to discover that intention, through discovering the counter part. It's all so overwhelmingly genius. I don't understand why my friends didn't like it."

Sara Saadat (review of Elemental Works, domobaal, 2018)




Nicky Hirst: The Electorate

13 May-31 Aug 2022

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