Laurie Martin

Moving between digital technology of humans and the beauty of organic nature, Laurie’s concepts based in feminist post-human theory, she creates environments through her work, whether it be a physically ‘immersive’ installation, or in a ‘piece’ of a reality: a photograph, painting, character, garment, story, or song. Cruising through phygital realms, collecting memories from my avatars. Building a personal portfolio of her existence in multiple ‘realities’. Posthuman feminism inspires her written practice, sitting alongside my imagery as poems. She is reflecting on how organic matter is represented in digital spaces, and how digital spaces can exist ‘physically’. She is also the editor of Raid.R magazine, an artist run collective launched in January 2021.



Exhibition (online)
Replica, Avatar, Doppelgänger
24 Nov 2023-25 Feb 2024