Guido Mocafico

b. 1962, Switzerland

Guido Mocafico is a specialist in still life photography. Drawing from highly symbolic elements of decay in Western culture such as flowers, snakes or spiders, Mocafico’s images blur the line between still life paintings and photographic immortalisations of pulsating jeopardy. In the tradition of the allegorical art of Vanitas, Mocafico confronts desire and death, eros and thanatos always accompanied by an undertone of superficiality and lure. 
Mocafico’s work has been exhibited internationally since 1999, including venues in London, Paris, Munich and Tokyo. His images have been published in numerous magazines over the years including Vogue US, Vogue France, Men's Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, The Face, and Wallpaper, amongst others.
Various books have been published comprising his personal projects: Venenum (2005) (A trilogy of Medusa, Serpens and Aranea printed in a limited edition of 1200); Medusa (2006); Serpens (2007); Movement (2008) and Stilleven (2012), published by Steidl. 


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