Ana Karkar

b. 1986, United States

Born in San Francisco, CA, USA
Lives and works in Paris, France

Ana Karkar is a French-American artist who has lived and worked in Paris for many years.  Karkar draws some of her references from major works of the Vienna Secession.  In her paintings of nudes, the bodies are twisted and blended in a danse macabre that evokes the work of Egon Schiele, or are joined in passionate freedom, recalling Gustav Klimt’s iconic painting The Kiss.

Karkar’s mastery of gesture is evident in her exploration of the interaction between abstraction and figuration,  between humans and hybrid figures.  Her work is imbued with color relationships,  as expressed by a vibrant palette surrounded with blue that captures the eye of the visitor.

The chiaroscuro in her works evokes cinematographic scenes.  Her art is influenced by images in the collective unconscious, especially experimental horror cinema.  The artist skillfully combines these cinematographic elements with her own artistic language, creating a captivating visual dialogue.