Xavier Robles De Medina

b. 1999

Xavier Robles de Medina graduated from the Master’s program in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2019. His research-based practice is centred around a methodically organized collection of images and texts that stem from various digital platforms and physical sources. He accumulates and collages these materials in a process of discovery, forming the basis for monochromic works that are mathematically plotted and remain at once poetic and political. They translate and reinterpret personal fascinations and generic pictures drawn from his archive.

2022 exhibitions include What if the tongue is cut out?, Robles de Medina’s solo presentation with Catinca Tabacaru Gallery at Art Basel’s show in Hong Kong; Senegal’s fourteenth Dakar Biennale; and The Palliative Turn at Künstlerhaus Bremen. Robles de Medina is a current participant in the Berlin Program for Artists.