Simon Lewty

b. 1941, United Kingdom
d. 2021

British draftsman, born 1941 and lived in Leamington Spa until he died in 2021.

His art is drawing and since 2000 writing with scripts of many kinds, cursive, abstract, shorthand and others, has been his 'mark', always working on paper treated in all sorts of ways. Dream like and poetic his written work is all his own, with Surrealism, William Blake, Paul Klee and André Breton as significant inspiration. His work is held in museums throughout the UK including the British Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum,  the Arts Council of England, and the museums and galleries of Birmingham, Leamington Spa, Leeds, Preston, Worcester, Wolverhampton, and in Scotland, The City Art Centre, Ediburgh. In the USA his works are in the Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry, now in the Iowa University Library collection. He is represented by Art First London who, with Black Dog Publishing, published his first extensive monograph, Simon Lewty, The Self as a Stranger in 2010.


Moody and Muted
Art First
3 Aug-25 Aug 2023