Sacha Ingber

b. 1987, Brazil

Sacha Ingber (b. 1987, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) lives and works in Brooklyn, USA.

She holds an BA in Studio Art and Psychology from Vassar College, New York, USA and an MFA in Sculpture and Extended Media from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, USA (2013). Ingber has exhibited extensively in the Americas at galleries including: Brennan & Griffin, New York, USA; Casey Kaplan, New York, USA; Marcia Wood, Atlanta, USA; PEANA, Monterrey, MX; The Sunroom, Richmond, USA; Triumph Gallery, Chicago, USA; LVL3, Chicago, USA; Hesse Flatow, New York, USA; Motel, Brooklyn, USA; Coustof Waxman, New York, USA; John Slade Gallery, New Haven, USA; Barbara Walters Gallery, New York, USA; Mom's Gallery, Brooklyn, USA; Timeshare Duplex, New York, USA; Hometown Gallery, Brooklyn, USA; Spring Break Art Show 4 Times Square, New York, USA; FAB Building, Richmond, USA; Kunstraum, Brooklyn, USA. Current exhibitions include 'Confetti Falls from the Ceiling' at Essex Flowers, New York, USA (until 9 April 2022). Upcoming exhibitions include the artist's first show with VITRINE and in Europe (London, May 2022) and a solo show at Casey Kaplan, New York, USA (Nov 2022).


VITRINE Bermondsey

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