Caroline Wendling

b. 1961, United Kingdom

Caroline Wendling, (born in Lorraine, France, 1961)

Caroline Wendling is an Associate Artist and studio holder at Wysing Arts Centre.

Caroline Wendling was born in France and moved to Britain after completing her art studies at ESAD, Strasbourg and Edinburgh College of Art. Caroline’s work explores ideas of place and belonging through layered projects that draw on history and explore local myths, inviting re-imaging of sites. Daily rural walks from home to studio, at Wysing Arts Centre, feed her multidisciplinary practice.

She creates artworks that are fragile and transient in the form of sensory walks/performances and events, blurring notions of audiences and performers. She also makes drawings, prints, objects and, more recently, moving images. She often works with collaborators, specialists in their fields such as children, chefs, musicians, foresters, and perfumers.