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Click to enlargeALWAYS GREENER
May 4 - Jun 24, 2012
'Always Greener: Views from the Contemporary Countryside' examines the reality that exists behind dreams of ‘a place in the country’. Through painting, drawing, photography, video and sculptural installation, the exhibition challenges modern preconceptions, exploring the countryside as somewhere that is constructed from powerful cultural, economic and political forces - as a place that exists in our imaginations as much as anywhere on the map.
EXHIBITING ARTISTS: Georgina Barney with Alice Carey, Christina Bryant, The Caravan Gallery, Emily Cole, Andrew Cross, Anna Fox, James Ireland, Tim Machin, My Villages
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Nov 8, 2014 - Jan 10, 2015
Mark Anstee, Gabi Cowburn, Bruno Van Dijck, Paul Hodgson, Thomas Lohmann, Eric Monbel, Marc Palmer, Jurgen Vantomme, Robin Vermeersch
The 1914 Christmas truce - one of the most enduringly fascinating, inspirational and unusual events of the First World War - is at the heart of this exhibition marking the centenary of the War.
Crossing the Field aims to recount this unique event and the ceasefire football match that took place on Christmas day, using contemporary art to depict and reflect upon the events of the War.
Through painting, photography, installation, ceramics, drawing and film, by artists from Belgium, Germany, France and the UK, the exhibition crosses boundaries, nationalities and opinions. The show gives an unconventional perception of the First World War by examining football’s power to transcend the bleakest scenes and the most difficult circumstances to bring people together.

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