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Click to enlargeJONATHAN MONK : NOT ME, ME
Jan 20 - Apr 24, 2021
Jonathan Monk’s investigations into memory, ephemera and artistic process emerge from his practice as an inveterate observer, participant and collector of both popular culture and conceptual art. In a new series of collages, collectively entitled Exhibit Model Detail with Additional Information, Monk charts and revisits some of his own exhibition history using photographic evidence of previous solo shows, harking back to the first museum presentation featuring wallpaper of his own past work at Kunsthaus Baselland in 2016. Copy and pasted, magpie-like, onto the backdrop of these grisaille, archival documents are various touchstones or influences that went into the depicted display, many of which come from Monk’s own treasure trove of personal or artistic memorabilia. Actual objects – from teapots and vinyl records to cacti – are perched on the picture plane, alongside framed portraits of his artistic heroes, printed invitation cards and individual works of art in their own right.

May 4 - Jun 12, 2021
In a new body of work at Lisson Gallery’s Mayfair space, Julian Opie combines two subjects that have been central to his artistic career: people and architecture. Through a series of group portraits alongside an installation of contemporary tower blocks, the exhibition depicts the interconnectivity of the urban environment, be it the commuters criss-crossing through the streets or the overlaid housing units of a typically overpopulated city. Few artists have captured the modern world as consistently and convincingly as Opie; here we experience the complexity of the cosmopolitan city through Opie’s radical, simplified style: a particularly poignant scene considering the rare isolation on the streets at the time of the exhibition’s conception.


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