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Mar 15 - Apr 28, 2018
Solo exhibition of film and photographic works from the winner of the 2017 Asian Art Award.

Sep 14 - Nov 10, 2018
Based in Tokyo, Izumi (b. 1976, Nara, Japan) is one of Japan’s leading artists working with multimedia and collaborative practice. Izumi uses video as a recursive apparatus for exploring the mechanisms of art making, while also commenting on the materiality of video by combining it with structural and architectural interventions into the exhibition space. Made with disarmingly simple materials, these structures are often used in the production of the videos, creating a recursive loop between space and video, production and reception, recorded time and real time.

Nov 22, 2018 - Jan 12, 2019
Meiro Koizumi (1976, Gunma, Japan) investigates the boundaries between the private and the public, a domain of specific importance to his native Japanese culture. His videos are often based on performances and constructed scenarios. He places characters, played by himself or others, in awkward situations. Often starting harmoniously he gradually heightens the tension manipulating the situation from humorous to painful. His performances focus and enlarge the moment when a situation gets out of control, becomes embarrassing or breaks social rules.

Jan 24 - Mar 2, 2019
In the photographic self-portraits of Mari Katayama (b. 1987, Gunma, Japan), the artist’s body features prominently, surrounded by painstakingly arranged objects, both in intimate settings or set against vast landscapes. The recipient of the Grand prize at Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2012, Katayama was born with various developmental challenges, and had both legs amputated at age nine and has since lived with prosthetics. Using her body as a living sculpture, Katayama photographs herself among intricately embroidered objects, hand-sewn mannequins and her prosthetic legs.


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