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One of the most beloved pieces at FRIEZE Sculpture in London’s Regent Park last November has found a permanent location. Kalliopi Lemos’ giant steel sculpture The Plait has been acquired for the
public sculpture collection Rotterdam. At a height of no less than six and a half meters, The Plait will be unveiled on International Women's Day. The Plait is the title of the slender steel sculpture by the London-based, Greek-born artist Kalliopi Lemos (1951). The Plait, made in 2020, is an upright cut off plait of dark brown hair of monumental proportions. Kalliopi Lemos is best known for her large -scale public installations of everyday objects, sometimes of colossal size. The Plait raises questions about the role of femininity in modern society and rebels against patriarchal coercion. The Plait is the first work by a female artist on the sculpture terrace. The sculpture terrace was founded in 2001 during
Rotterdam European City of Culture. The Plait connects to the theme of the human figure of which the sculpture terrace displays examples. Ranging from modern classical bronzes by Auguste Rodin
(l'Homme qui Marche, 1907) and Henri Laurens (La Grande Musicienne, 1938) to more abstract works by Fritz Wotruba (Reclining Figure, 1969) or Joel Shapiro (Untitled, 1999). Today, the international
ensemble on the sculpture terrace forms the centerpiece of a much larger collection that can be found throughout the city. After the devastating destructions in May 1940, when the historical city
centre was destroyed by heavy Luftwaffe bombing, Rotterdam was rebuilt and contemporary public sculpture was regarded a vital component for the inhabitants of the new city. Works by renowned artists such as Ossip Zadkine, Alexander Calder, Henry Moore, Marino Marini and the Rotterdam-born Willem de Kooning a.o. were purchased or commissioned. This collection has grown over the
years and will now be enriched once more. The Plait is the first addition to the terrace since 2001. Twenty years later, Monday, March 8, 2021, The Plait will be unveiled.

Mar 15 - Apr 24, 2021
Months spent itching to get out and pulling at the curtain seams? ‘Curtain Twitching’ appeals to lockdown sensibilities, of looking from the inside out and of intrigue into the lives of others as ours became suddenly narrower. The exhibition presents four different global perspectives from artists; Max Prus, Adam de Boer, Niyaz Najafov and Khaleb Brooks. ‘Curtain Twitching’ explores the divergent backgrounds of the artists and their worlds, visions and points of enquiries.

Click to enlargeAIDAN SALAKHOVA
Apr 15 - May 22, 2021 FINAL WEEK
announce the opening of an exhibition ‘The Dust Became The Breath’, featuring Aidan Salakhova (b.1964), the prominent Azeri artist. The exhibition is the first of the gallery’s 10th year anniversary programme, celebrating its history and marking its inception in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2003.
Mila Askarova (founding director) says, “we are very proud to have an international platform to showcase important artists from Azerbaijan and give voice to the region’s history in the UK. ” The exhibition will debut a new series of artworks by Salakhova.


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