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Nov 16 - Dec 16, 2017
Spread over the surfaces of Clive Hodgson’s paintings are different coloured oblongs, circles, brush strokes, lines, and other effects that might be stencilled, drawn, scratched, removed, sprayed, splattered, washed, layered. Amongst these forms two others: ‘C.Hodgson’ and the year of production are constant presences. They are not quite like an artists signature but integral parts of the paintings themselves – painted above and below, behind or in front or as negative shapes. In some of the 2017 paintings they are so formally integrated that you don’t even spot them at first. Whilst some of the shapes – lures and hooks to our imaginations – might variously spark associations of targets, punctuation, decorative motifs, snow or eyelashes, the paintings seem to resist those references, or even the very idea of reference. But what of the marks that name and date?

Jan 25 - Mar 3, 2018 FINAL WEEK
In January the 2017 paintings will be replaced by ones from 2008 as a marker and celebration of Arcade’s tenth anniversary. We will step across that arbitrary line when one year changes to another, fall back ten years, and yet still be in the present. The system of numbering years homogenises and cuts time, and although date-as-number is emphatically present on every painting, that function doesn’t seem to truly fit. The equivocality of the numbers as shapes as well as symbols makes them just one of many things-from-the-world that are mediated and put into play on the surface of the canvas, pointing not to a system of possible meanings but presenting a lived movement in time.

Mar 21 - Apr 21, 2018
Private view Wed Mar 21 6pm - 8pm


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